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For those unfamiliar with Type 1 Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus Type 1), this article will give you some medical and physiological background to help you understand the disease as well as the benefits that Kratom offers to those afflicted.

To begin, there are many factors that affect blood sugar levels for Type 1 Diabetics. In Type 1, little to no insulin is produced by the pancreas while Type 2 Diabetics there is still some pancreatic function and still produces insulin to some degree.

There is little known as to what causes Type 1 Diabetes, but it generally occurs during childhood. There is speculation that it is caused by genetics or virus which confuses the system into attacking the pancreas, thinking it’s a foreign body. Type 2 Diabetes is generally found in adults and caused by, possibly genetics, but also poor diet and lack of exercise. In many cases, this can be corrected or managed by improved diet and regular physical activity.

What is insulin and what does it do, you ask? Everything a person consumes is digested and converted to glucose (Blood Sugar). Obviously, when a person eats candy or consumes food containing sugar, it enters your system as a fast acting sugar which means that it is converted into glucose much faster than foods high in protein. Proteins, such as chicken, steak or similar are slow acting and are converted into glucose slower.  Simply put, once the food has been converted, insulin attaches itself to the glucose.  Insulin is what carries the glucose through the blood vessel wall into the cells, and converts to energy which is why we tend to feel better and have more energy after a good healthy meal.

Poorly managed Diabetes can lead to life threatening complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, loss of limbs from poor circulation, slow healing, blindness and the list goes on. Many things such as stress can adversely affect blood sugar levels, driving them higher which can be dangerous.  Healthy blood sugar levels are between 70–120. Anything higher (Hyperglycemia) can cause problems in extended periods of time and anything lower (Hypoglycemia) can be dangerous as well, leading to disorientation or coma.

Diabetes is very challenging to manage and ultimately leads to a shorter life span for those afflicted due to the countless side effects that come with it.  Blood sugar levels kept in control with medication or insulin therapy in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime can help to extend the life expectancy for Diabetics.

You’re probably wondering where Kratom comes into the picture?  Kratom helps with minimizing many of the items that affect blood sugar levels such as stress and pain. Chronic pain causes stress to the system which, in turn, drives blood sugar levels higher which is not good. By minimizing pain and stress there’s an obvious health benefit. It also helps to subside food cravings which is also challenging because over eating is traumatic for the body of a diabetic.  More insulin is needed to handle more food and unnecessary food intake can lead to spikes in blood sugar levels. According to most users, Kratom puts them in a better state of mind which is a huge benefit related to stress. Stress, not only, negatively affects Diabetics by causing higher blood sugar levels, but is responsible for countless health issues on its own. A lower level of stress leads to lower blood pressure which is a great example of the trickledown effect which can be attributed to Kratom.

Overall, we’ve spoken about many of the health related benefits of Kratom, but it truly comes down to a higher quality of life. Time is our most precious asset and many of us would give anything for more time in life.  Kratom is an all-natural supplement which can help to improve an individual’s quality of life and allow that time with reduced pain and stress.  Something like this can only be described as, invaluable.

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