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White MaEng Da is arguably one of the most unique sub varieties of the classic MaEng Da kratom strain. Kratom aficionados praise it for its ability to stimulate the body, provide a significant energy boost and bring relief from a range of health conditions.

MaEng Da originated in fertile lands of Thailand, and this is where all its subtypes come from – including White MaEng Da. For all kratom connoisseurs out there, White MaEng da will be an appealing strain in terms of its history. Rumors have it that the strain has been genetically modified so that it could achieve such a wide range of both recreational and medical effects.

As for its parent, MaEng Da is the crème de la crème of all kratom strains from the day Kratom started spreading across the world. So, even if the effects are a result of some human enhancement – they are well worth trying.

Let’s shed some light on the benefits of white MaEng Da, its side effects, dosage, and how the strain comes up in comparison to other kratom types.

Why White MaEng Da?

MaEng Da is a primary category of all sub varieties of this strain. It’s also a combination of many Kratom strains grown in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and Indonesia. Further, MaEng Da can be broken into the following types:

  • Red vein MaEng Da
  • Green vein MaEng Da
  • White vein MaEng Da

The colors attributed to each strain represent a particular color of the veins that are running through kratom leaves. You don’t even have to give the plant an in-depth examination, as these veins are noticeable with a naked eye.

Of course, White MaEng Da is the MaEng Da strain which has bright white leaf veins. The color of the vein reflects the unique properties of each kratom type.

What Effects to Expect From White MaEng Da Strain?

Kratom users appreciate White Vein MaEng Da for its wide range of health and wellness benefits, but believe us – this is also a perfect recreational strain for daytime consumption, given its stimulating and analgesic effects.

But hey, we’re not done yet!

White MaEng Da is also capable of inducing nootropic support and elevating one’s energy levels to the ceiling, but we would definitely not call this sensation a “high”. As long as you use it in moderation, you shouldn’t expect such side effects like increased heart rate, jitters, and other uncomfortable sensations.

Thanks to its stimulating properties, White MaEng Da has become a favorite source of energy for manual both manual and intellectual workers. Be it a mental effort or physical exertion, White MaEng Da will always come in handy.

Below, you will find the staple benefits of the White MaEng Da strain.

Nootropic Effects

A person’s brain cannot work at its full capacity – and therefore use its full potential – when constantly put under stress and anxiety. White MaEng Da provides users with stimulation, well-being, and significant stress relief, which helps them enhance their cognitive capabilities [1].

Once the stress is shaken away and you start to go through the positive vibes, you can easily focus on your work, exams, or any other life challenges. This cognitive boost is the most sought-after effect among kratom users, and MaEng Da delivers this quality to the table.

Happiness and Confidence

These effects are somewhat connected to the nootropic properties of White MaEng Da. At low doses, the strain helps users boost their confidence. This, in turn, makes a person more social and brings tranquility to the mind. The White MaEng Da variety induces a state of happiness and well-being, which makes it a perfect option for those who want to acquire this optimistic approach to life [2].

Energy Boost

White MaEng Da deserves its reputation among laborers, farmers, and other workers. This kratom is a stimulatory compound that helps a person experience moderate-to-strong kick of energy. The best part about using White MaEng Da for stimulation is that you only need a minimum dose to feel the desired effects – no need to consume large quantities of the ground leaves [3].


Pain-killing effects are rather associated with red veins, but White MaEng Da leaves don’t fall into this stereotype. This strain is particularly helpful for the pain management, being able to relieve an extremely broad range of pains and aches. Whether you’re struggling with migraines, back pain, or chronic pain from rheumatoid inflammation, White MaEng Da can wash the discomfort away [4].

What Is the Onset Time of White MaEng Da?

MaEng Da strains are known for their early effects and a whole litany of benefits that can last for quite long. As you might have guessed, this time, White MaEng Da does fall in line.

If you’re a first time user – lucky you! – White MaEng Da will start working around 15 or 30 minutes since the ingestion. People who are more prone to the effects of kratom can feel them within 10 minutes, which is a clear indicator that this strain excels at potency.

On top of that, inexperienced kratom users can feel hyperactive for the first hour, but the effects get toned down once White MaEng Da starts to interact with the body, lasting anywhere between 5 to 8 hours.

Long and Short-Term Side Effects of White MaEng Da Kratom

Typically, all kratom products are considered safe for human consumption and do not pose threat to one’s health. However, if the plant is abused or ingested in very high doses, certain problems may occur.

One of the most common short-term side effects of White MaEng Da is feeling jittery, too talkative, and in some cases, anxious. And as much as we appreciate the benefits associated with MaEng Da kratom strains, these benefits may become troublesome at very high doses. Vomiting, digestive issues, dizziness, headaches, respiratory problems – they all may show up once you become a heavy user.

Nonetheless, as long as you keep the dosage in moderation, starting with minimal amounts, you’re going to be all good. And if you can consult with your physician prior to the first use, it’s all the better.

What Is the Optimal Dosage For White MaEng Da?

The “optimal dosage” is an individual-dependent concept, but we suggest that you approach White MaEng Da with baby steps. Beginners are generally recommended a low dose like 2 grams. If the effects don’t show up, you can gradually increase the dosage once you hit the sweet spot.

The golden rule of using kratom wisely is to never begin by using a high dose. This way, you will signal your body to quickly adapt to such amounts of kratom and the tolerance will make you end up eating your own tail

On average, new users start with 1.5 – 5 grams; they report such a dosage to provide fast-acting and long-lasting effects that can stimulate them throughout the day without experiencing any side effects.

Higher doses – more than 10 grams – can cause sedation. Any amount beyond this threshold may lead to coma and respiratory arrest.

The effects will likely appear 15-30 minutes after consumption. Like we said, at first, White MaEng Da can make you feel talkative and hyperactive for the first hour, but then, the clear focus should arrive and stay there with you for another 5 to 7 hours.

White MaEng Da vs. Other MaEng Da Strains

Let’s see how White MaEng Da looks in comparison with other vein colors of the same parent.

White MaEng Da vs. Red MaEng Da

Red MaEng Da is known for its strong anxiolytic and analgesic properties. Arguably, it’s one of the best strains for pain relief, specifically for patients suffering from chronic pain. However, the strain is also very sedative, so it’s best to save it for evening or nighttime use. Among other health benefits, Red MaEng Da is used by opiate addicts to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

Unlike its red vein cousin, White MaEng Da doesn’t show such strong pain-killing capabilities. It’s rarely used by people who suffer from constant pain and rather serves as an ad hoc analgesic in cases of mild pain. On the other hand, when taken on a daily basis, it exhibits a whole blend of stimulating and relaxing qualities. When paired with Red MaEng Da, the white vein kratom can prove invaluable for fighting insomnia or coping with social anxiety.

White MaEng Da vs. Green MaEng Da

While White MaEng Da is considered a “fast” and energetic strain, the Green variety, with its unique profile of alkaloids (the active substances in kratom leaves), tend to provide almost instantaneous effects. Other than that, both strains have similar effects, although Green MaEng Da is rather recommended for those seeking relief from pain and anxiety.


On the whole, White MaEng Da is one of the most versatile Kratom strains which provides consistent effects in the vast majority of users. The side effects are few, and it takes much recklessness to experience them. As long as you keep the intake in reasonable limits, you can draw the medical and recreational benefits of MaEng Da with a clear conscience.


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