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I have been taking kratom for a while.  I have heard great things about your company so I wanted to try you.

Brook S

I am a 68 year old women and have had a number of health challenges that are painful.  I have always relied on herbs and natural therapies which have been helpful .  I have research Kratom and heard about Organic Elements and how they help to guide you in the direction you need.  They helped get me to the right ones and it has been a god sent.  I am most grateful for the relief it has given me and the help I have received to get here.

Patty B

I want to say thankyou for all these years of providing mild relief of the pain I have in my hands.  But I really want to thank you for allowing me to try your new C******* before it is even available to the public.  It is really working.  The concept of no pain is incredible and I have been feeling really good during the day with good energy.  My wife tried it also.  Her neck is about 20% better and she is sleeping much better.

Robert P


There’s so many to try!

You guys are awesome! 👍🏻

I don’t know which to try first! I am super excited to see a White Indo in there because that was the first one I ever wanted to try. Yay!

The information sheets you gave me are amazing! It’s great how each strain is detailed as to what it can actually do as opposed to the generic “Green is a good mix for energy and pain” which most places give you.

This is amazing! Thank you so much! 😀🤗

Thanks so much!

Rey M

Rey M

This is an honest diligent company!  They went out of there way to make sure I got what I needed and the information I needed to go with it

David A Red, White or Green PREMIUM MaEng Da - 300 Caps

Greatest company ever!!!

Rick Akuamma 200 qty - 600mg Capsules - Great Alternative to Kratom

Thanks – great price and your company is very easy to work with

John O Akuamma 200 qty - 600mg Capsules

I have never purchased from you , but I received a referral from one of your customers.  They said I should order my products from your company because you have “Rockstar Products”  I look forward to finding out for myself.

Katryna C

Organic Elements has the best quality and service!  I am a repeat customer.  I highly recommend them!

Don L Akuamma 100 qty - 600mg Capsules for Pain Relief, Anti-Inflamatory, and Muscle

I am new to Kratom and  I really appreciate all their help, so far this company has been awesome! I am telling all my friends and family to check them out!

Michele T

They have wonderful items,  great communication, and are highly recommend!  Thanks!

Robert O Red PREMIUM MaEng Da - 650mg - 00 Capsules - 100 Capsules per bag

Your company came highly recommended!  They said you are amazing!  I tried the Kratom along with your suggestion that I try the Oasis and Kanna.  TOP NOTCH!  I am so thankful that your company was recommended.  Your products are a game changer in my life.

Sarah W

Good company, nice product, and their shipping is really quick

William U Akuamma 200 qty - 600mg Capsules - Great Alternative to Kratom

Thank you for all your help in tracking my package.  Next time I will order earlier.  I have been taking your products as needed for years and they truly are life changing!  I refuse to purchase anywhere else!

Alicia E

Organic Elements is a Trusted company! Consistent quality excellence! Finest customer service!

Bradley R Akuamma - Is it as good as Maeng Da? 100 qty - 600mg Capsules -Great for Pain

Fantastic Company. I highly recommend them. Will buy from them again and again. FAST shipping!

Bradley R Sceletium Tortuosum - Kanna - 60 caps

Thank you for helping with my issue.  Your customer service is outstanding!

Lindsay B

I have spent the last 7 years in major pain from severe nerve damage. I have had 100s of injections, multiple surgeries and even nerves severed to try to stop the pain. I was put on pain killers 5 years ago. I found myself getting addicted to those and was looking for a good alternative. I had a friend from another country tell me that Kratom is what they use to treat pain where She is from. I ordered it about 3 years ago from Organic Elements and and it works better then any pain killer I have used. The plus side is if I dont have any, I dont feel like I will die without it like the pain killers do.  The people at Organic Elements are very friendly and helpful.  The customer service is awesome.

Jason R

I remember coming to Organic Elements without a clue about your products, just a recommendation from a friend.  You have been so patient, understanding and helpful in guiding me through my situation.  I have since tried many different ones of your product, have kept switching so I do not build a tolerance as you suggested.  I also wanted to let you know how grateful I am with the extra product you put in my orders on occasion.  Your specials have really helped with the budget as well.  Now that I know about the products, I have been able to help several of my friends and family to find relief and the extra product you have sent found its way to them.  Also, thanks again for the advocacy with the government and keeping us informed on their efforts to take this miracle away from us.

Linda M

I’ve purchased from this company many times & have never had an issue. THE BEST!!

Robert O Red, White or Green PREMIUM MaEng Da - 650mg - 300 - 00 Capsules


I am so impressed and grateful for your products.  The Oasis has really been helping me and I am so grateful.  I didn’t realize there is a referral program but that is good because I have been telling all my friends about your products anyway.

Lindsay B

You have been more than helpful.  Kratom was no longer working for me, and you help guide me to oasis.  I am so happy that I found you guys and this product.  I am now able to get the relief that I can no longer get with Kratom.

Kimberly N

Seems like my knees, neck and shoulders feel so much better.  The kratom seems to have long term effect.  I do not think I am crazy but I am also walking so much better.  Thanks guys for helping move better.

Robert L

I always buy from this company, they is amazingly quick and helpful.

Steve Akuamma 100 qty - 600mg Capsules

Hi Again  I told you before how happy I am and that you changed my life.  However, I want to tell you that I have shared my Kratom with my daughter.  It is another success story.  My daughter is really able to work her jewelry business with a lot less pain. She is a huge fan

Lori W

I started taking the Akuamma in 2018 for pain, but discovered it helps stabilize my high blood pressure. I’m thankful to God for guiding me to this product and this company

Lynette H Akuamma

I am definitely going to play around with different strains.  Your info was insanely awesome.  I cannot believe how much you have done!!!I am so taken back with your generosity, I am almost in tears.  You guys are…..amazing!!!!!!

Jennifer C

It is always a pleasure to do business with 🙂 with this company! superb product, super fast delivery.

Grace M MaEng Da - 650mg - 00 Capsules - 100 Capsules per bag

Absolutely Amazing both in Quality and Service, Thank you so much!!!!!!

Robert O Red PREMIUM MaEng Da - 650mg - 00 Capsules - 100 Capsules per bag

To the awesome guy that texted me right away and sent me what I asked for within days, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, I am in awe. My brothers and I own some businesses and we thrive on customer service which is seriously lacking in America these days.  I am so impressed with the quality and generosity of your company, that you have my business from now on.  Nothing compares to the high caliber and smoothness of your company.   I wish you much success in your business that I know you will have because of your business ethics and customer satisfaction

Joe K

Thank you! VERY fast shipping! Great company!! Buy with confidence 🌺

Art R Sceletium Tortuosum - Kanna - 30 caps

Thank you for working with me.  It would be so awesome if I could just get through the day without any pain.  And the concept of going back to work after being disabled for 6 years was amazing.  Now that I have taken it, I am happy to announce that I have now gone out and applied for a job and was hired, knowing I can do it pain free!  I thought I would never see the day.  I feel blessed that somehow I ran across you and your company.

Lori W

Kratom and this website have saved me in so many ways:)  You guys are really cool and I appreciate your business so much.  I am telling anyone and everyone about this website.  Thank you!

Lindsey C

The products are amazing and the service is amazing

Robert A Red Premium MaEng Da Kratom for Pain Relief

I received my package of kratom today.  Thank you so much.  You made a horrible day so much better!

Jennifer C

Oasis – as reccommended results in sound sleep will order more.

Ricardo B FREE* Akuamma 50 qty - Natural Pain Relief - 1 per Address

First time pain-free in 18 years without Fentanyl, hydrocodone, gallon of booze!

Robert L Super Red MaEng Da Kratom for Pain Relief

The guy I worked with has a kind heart!  The product is great and they shipped it quickly!

Queenie Shipping for Kanna sample to specified customer

Fantastic company

Kelly R MaEng Da - 650mg - 00 Capsules - 100 Capsules per bag

I just received my package of your product.  i was so excited that it was coming and when it got here and I started opening it, I felt like a kid on Christmas!

Cassie W

The people at Organic Elements have excellent communication and great customer

Tracey Super Red MD Kratom for Pain Relief

Will definitely buy again from this company. Excellent service.

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