There are 3 basic Reasons for ED. Men, 35-40 are at the age when their bodies slowdown in production of testosterone. It is natural. Some levels in men are reduced more than others. An addition, starting at the same age, is not needing to reproduce. Our bodies start turning the free testosterone into Estrogen. We need to have estrogen, but not the levels that this creates. On top of that usually we start gaining weight. The more excess weight carried the more estrogen that is produced. This is one reason why many older men have big guts and man boobs. There is no natural way that I am aware of to reverse this.

Psychological reasons would be the second cause. By the time we start getting of the age that the testosterone is starting to dwindle, most of us have also had 1 or more bad experiences with there partners. It can happen to anyone. When we have a “sexual failures” do to alcohol, drugs, or just being tired, and your partner doesn’t understand, it makes for stress the next time. Whether it be a bad experience, or one of the other causes, then there becomes fear of it happening again. The social stigma of not being able to perform is getting less, but still very prevalent. This makes the ability to get or maintain an erection a problem.

The last major cause is because of Physical problems. After years of eating high fat and high cholesterol foods, the arteries build up plaque and the nitric oxide needed to enlarge the penis cannot get to the muscle to have it expand. The degree of plaque in the artery, will dictate the degree of ED that one has. The heavier a person is, the more likely the thicker layer of plaque and the more likely of total ED. (Most ED solutions involve releasing of Nitric Oxide in your body a different way.) The plaque can be reduced by balancing the Ph in your body through proper diet and exercise. (This includes the almost complete abstinence of meat in your diet) However, it takes time to clean the plaque out. A very large percentage of men that have ED from physical reasons, will have a heart attack with 1-2 years after first noticing it. Physical ED can be a sign of clogged arteries.

In most cases, ED is a combination of the three mentioned. If you know what your cause is, and pay attention to what your body is telling you, then you can pretty much figure it out. On the other hand, having a complete physical is a great idea. Make sure your testosterone level is checked and your arteries are checked for clogging or elasticity.

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